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030519 welayatOn April 10, in Ahal, with the participation of the Honorable President, the foundation of the new city was laid. It will be built more than 400 cottages and high-rise buildings. All the conditions for living, recreation and a healthy lifestyle for both children and adults will be created in these houses. In the new city, 10 kindergartens for 320 places each and 19 secondary schools for 720 places each, primary and secondary specialized educational institutions, as well as two art schools will be built. A health care organization network will be established in the city. A Health House, a Center for Maternal and Child Health, and other hospitals and clinics will be built. In the new velayat center, the Ruhyýet Palace, the House of Culture, the building of the Dramatic Theater, the library, the circus and the museum will be built. Two buildings of a modern sports complex will be built. A green park will be created for the recreation of citizens. Shopping and entertainment center will serve the population. In addition, in the new city it is planned to build the Higher International School of Horse Breeding with its hippodrome, training ground, riding school and stables, and the Research and Production Center. The city will create an infrastructure for management, business, consumer services, and transportation. All conditions will be created here for living, working and relaxing for all citizens who will live here.

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