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030519 paytagtWhite marble Ashgabat going in the forefront in the ongoing transformations in our country, has acquired its magnificent architectural appearance. In recent years, the magnificent architectural complexes of the capital have been multiplied by multiple original objects, including large housing complexes. As a result of the wise urban development strategy of the National Leader, the Turkmen capital has become a modern, fast-growing and beautiful city in the world. And in this regard, a residential complex that is planned to be built in a residential area of Choganli should multiply the magnificence of our capital and help improve the living standards of the population. In the center of the housing and architectural complex, the original building in the form of the national Turkmen yurt "Ak Turkmen" will flaunt. The majestic and unusually beautiful building, which will be built in the form of a national house of Turkmen, is intended for large celebrations and cultural events.

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