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051219 bagt birjaTrading volume at Bakkt again updated the all-time high. According to the results of November 28, more than 5670 bitcoins were sold as part of the conclusion of contracts on “Deliverable futures. The total amount of transactions exceeded $ 43 million. Earlier, the record was fixed at around $ 20.3 million, which is almost half the current result.
Bidding growth at Bakkt
One of the reasons for the increasing popularity of Bitcoin futures is the growth of investor expectations index. Many expect that before Christmas the main coin will begin to grow again, as it was on the eve of Thanksgiving. It is noteworthy that the previous record was recorded against the background of a market drawdown that began on November 22. “Since the launch, we have been able to conclude contracts for more than 33 thousand coins. The total amount of transactions amounted to about 270 million dollars at today's rate. The average trading volume in daily terms amounted to about 5.2 million dollars. At the start of our activities, we could not count on such results, since we did not even reach a million dollars, ”the Bakkt administration said in a statement. Already at the beginning of the month, the platform plans to launch bitcoin options and settlement futures. Many experts note that against the background of subsidence of the main coin, such services can gain popularity. If Bitcoin rally starts, Bakkt risks facing bad trading results again.

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