«Bereket» hotel

Scope: Hotel. Types of activity: «Bereket» Hotel’s total area is 121287 sq.m. provides the such service facilities as outdoor and indoor swimming pool, swimming pool with water park, fitness room, sauna, bar and restaurant. The hotel has 138 rooms, among which 38 apartments of 1-bed rooms; 76 apartments of 2-bed rooms; 20 rooms of deluxe suites, 4 rooms provide services designed for VIP guests. Address: Arkadag Avenue, Turkmenbashi city, Avaza Etrap, Balkan velayat. Tel.: +933 243 5-76-25. Fax: +933 243 5-76-26.


Shopping Center «Avaza»

Scope: Trade, market, restaurant. Types of activity: Large supermarket is located on the first floor of the 3-storey building of the Shopping Center. In addition, clothing stores «Sport», «Perfumery», «Haly», «Dokma harytlary» and service centers of CJSC «Altyn Asyr» are working at the Center. There are also billiard and tennis halls, a playground for children, an internet cafe, a bar and catering points like the cafe «Dondurma». There is a restaurant «Avaza» for 160 people, and under the customers’ request celebration of various events can be organized here. Address: Arkadag Avenue, Turkmenbashi city, Avaza etrap, Balkan velayat. Tel.: +993 243 5-78-33. Fax: +993 243 5-78-39.


Union of the Consumers Associations of Balkan velayat

Scope: Trade, market, markets, restaurant, production, cattle breeding, poultry farming. Types of activity: There are 15 independent enterprises in the association, 10 of them are trading, 2 production, 3 markets. 155 stores, 28 food outlets, 38 school buffets, 2 production enterprises, 10 large and small markets meeting the high demands of the population under the department of independent enterprises of the velayat. Address: 112-th quarter, Building 3b, Balkanabat city. Tel.: +993 222 6-96-92. Fax: +933 222 6-79-41.

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