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The Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations of Turkmenistan is a state administrative agency, and the ministry, in accordance with its main tasks, ensures the abundance of goods in the domestic market of Turkmenistan, perfects the organization of trade and public food services for the population, provides the public economy with material and technical resources, in accordance with international agreements, is engaged in ensuring compliance with the state interests of Turkmenistan in foreign markets.
The Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations of Turkmenistan includes more than 200 trade, production, supply and service enterprises. These enterprises mainly do the following:

Organization of retail trade of consumer goods in markets, shopping centers, and stores;

To provide with means, construction materials, equipment and machinery that necessary to the national economy of the country, as well as large-scale construction;

Serving the population in public catering establishments under its control;

Production and distribution of consumer goods;

To fully satisfy the needs of the domestic market, to purchase goods that are not produced in Turkmenistan from abroad;

Export of goods produced in Turkmenistan, intended for foreign markets;

Construction of buildings and facilities for commercial, industrial, as well as cultural-life purposes;

Control of the observance of trade rules and regulations by enterprises and private entrepreneurs, regardless of the type of ownership and organizational legal structure.

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