To the participants of the XXIII conference of the World Turkmen Humanitarian Association

Turkmens of the world
of the Humanist Association
honorary members!

I heartily congratulate you on the 31st anniversary of the independence of the independent, permanently neutral state of Turkmenistan, as well as on the start of the XXIII Conference of the World Turkmen Humanitarian Association, a remarkable event dedicated to this great holiday.
Our sacred Independence is the fulfillment of the dreams, aspirations, and desires of our people that have been cherished for centuries. Accordingly, in the year of «Halkyň Arkadagly zamanasy», we welcome the Independence Day, which is a great holiday of our happiness and determination, with cultural and mass events with colorful music.
The prestige of our beloved Motherland, the unity and integrity of our people, our statehood and prosperity are inextricably linked with the achievements of our sacred independence. Our democratic, legal and secular state was established in the not so distant period of history, friendship and brotherhood and good neighborly relations were established with the world community.
Based on our great principles that inspire us to create and build a new age of a stable state, our patriotic and humanitarian doctrines that nurture national pride, we confidently advance our independent land towards lofty goals. We are successfully implementing our programs that cover all areas of the national economy and are aimed at turning our country into a powerful state. We are building new rural towns, modern educational institutions, high-speed highways, and large industrial-production enterprises in Ashgabat, our coral capital, and in our regions. We are achieving highly dynamic development in the fields of culture, science, education, health care, construction, industry, agriculture, and oil and gas. In the new historical period, we are constantly taking initiatives that are important to humanity, and we are strengthening the position of our strong Motherland in the world community. Our achievements, which confirm that the foundations of our sacred independence and neutrality are being strengthened, and that our beloved land is flourishing as a country of happiness and well-being, as well as our high achievements, create a great sense of pride among our beloved people and the Turkmen people of the world.

Dear brothers,
dear fellow citizens!

Expanding our friendly relations with the Turkmens of the world is one of the priorities of our state policy. We are the countries where Turkmens live as Russian Federation, Great Britain, Federal Republic of Germany, Swiss Confederation, Ukraine, Republic of Turkey, Uzbekistan, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. and we attach great importance to developing mutually beneficial relations with other countries.
The branches of the World Turkmen Humanitarian Association abroad carry out program activities for the development of mutual fraternal relations and the benefit of the entire Turkmen people. The business members of this organization make their valuable contributions to the progress of the country. In the new period, we will further expand the scope of these activities, create the necessary conditions for the further development of cooperation in the fields of science and education, culture, business. Support of our domestic and foreign policies by our brothers, who have adopted patriotism, friendship, and humanitarianism as principles in this field, gives unyielding strength to the flourishing development of our state and society.
The homeland is our national concept that dates back thousands of years. Love of country is a pure feeling that has an eternal place in our hearts. Accordingly, it is the sacred duty of each of us to enshrine on Earth our great ideas about our Independent, Permanently Neutral Motherland, a place of peace and friendship. Because a country is a country only with its people! A state is only a state with its people!

Turkmens of the world
of the Humanist Association
honorary members!

I firmly believe that the XXIII Conference of the Association will be of great importance in terms of further strengthening the Turkmen people of the world, strengthening our fraternal relations and unity, and activating cooperation aimed at universal peace, friendship, prosperity, and development.
May our Independent Motherland, which confidently moves forward on the path of rapid development and changes during the Revival of the new epoch of the Stable State, continue to prosper! May the glory of the Neutral Motherland, our unity and stability, our statehood, and prosperity be filled with the world! I wish you good health, long life, prosperous and happy life, and great success in your noble endeavors to further promote the honor and glory of our dear Motherland and strengthen fraternal ties.

President of Turkmenistan
Serdar Berdimuhamedov.

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