The world demand for Turkmen textiles is increasing

Today, the Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan operates more than 60 textile enterprises, including textile complexes, cotton and weaving factories, garment factories, tanneries and shoe factories.
In order to produce competitive, high-quality products in the international market in enterprises equipped with the equipment of the world's leading foreign companies, textile enterprises are undergoing consistent modernization, which is updating technological and auxiliary equipment.
High-quality Turkmen textile products provide an opportunity for the development of the textile industry of the country, to supply the domestic market with beautiful, high-quality national products, and to increase the number and types of products with the logo «Made in Turkmenistan» will be send to abroad.
Within the framework of the development of the textile sector of Turkmenistan and with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of textile products, new textile complexes put into operation new textile complexes Kaka and Babadayhan districts of Ahal districts.
Today, more than 70% of textile products are exporting to Turkey, Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus, Pakistan, China and other countries.
High-efficiency, ecologically clean and production technologies that meet world standards are the main indicator that affects the further increase in the demand for Turkmen textile products in the world market.
In January-June of this year, the growth of the production of products, including cotton yarn, fabrics prepared in the institutions of the Ministry of Textile Industry, compared to the same period last year, was 136 percent and 128.7 percent, respectively. The growth of sewing and knitting products was 115.8 percent, and the growth of solar production was 107.9 percent.

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